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  All - summary of all commands and topics

  This  category  contains  an alphabetical listing of all BitKeeper com-

  bk Basics-Overview - BitKeeper basics to help get a new user started
  bk Howto - BitKeeper HOWTO guides
  bk Howto-BAM - configuring the Binary Asset Management (BAM) subsystem
  bk Howto-bkd - howto: configuring the BitKeeper daemon
  bk Howto-developer - howto: working with BitKeeper repositories
  bk Howto-setup - howto: setting up a BitKeeper repository
  bk abort - abort a failed pull or push
  bk admin - administer BitKeeper files
  bk alias - manage aliases for lists of components
  bk annotate - provide annotated listings of one or more source files
  bk attach - attach a component repository to a product repository
  bk backups - guide to doing backups of BitKeeper repositories
  bk bam - BAM utility routines
  bk base64 - RFC 1341 base64 encoding and decoding
  bk bin - show binary installation directory
  bk bisect - quickly find a changeset that introduced a bug
  bk - BitKeeper configuration management system front end
  bk bkd - the BitKeeper daemon
  bk c2r - convert changeset revision to file revision
  bk cat - concatenate and display file contents
  bk changes - show changeset history
  bk check - check repository for consistency
  bk checksum - check and/or fix BitKeeper per file checksums
  bk chmod - change the mode of a file and save it
  bk citool - BitKeeper graphical check-in tool
  bk clean - removes unmodified files
  bk clone - create a new copy of a package
  bk cmdlog - show the log of commands executed in this repository
  bk collapse - combine recent changesets into a single unit of work
  bk comments - change checkin comments
  bk commit - commit deltas to a changeset
  bk comps - list the components belonging to a product
  bk config - show repository configuration information
  bk config-etc - configuring BitKeeper
  bk config-gui - configuration for BitKeeper graphical tools
  bk conflicts - list unresolved files which contain conflicts
  bk cp - create a copy of a file preserving its revision history
  bk credits - License info for software included with BitKeeper
  bk cset - manage changesets
  bk csetprune - shrink a repository by removing files
  bk csets - run changes or csettool on last set of incoming changes
  bk csettool - BitKeeper graphical changeset browser
  bk debugtool - tool for use in remote command line debugging
  bk delta - check in modified files
  bk describe - generate a tag-based release name
  bk detach - create a stand-alone clone of a component repository
  bk diff - show differences in revision controlled files
  bk difftool - BitKeeper graphical differences viewer
  bk edit - check out a file for editing
  bk editor - automatically check out BitKeeper files when using $EDITOR
  bk emacs - info on how to use emacs' vc-mode
  bk export - export a patch or version of a BitKeeper repository
  bk extras - list extra files not under revision control
  bk fast-export - export the repository in a format compatible with git
  bk fast-import - import a new repository using git's fast-export format
  bk features - display features used or known
  bk files - demo program to show file name expansion
  bk filetypes - summary of BitKeeper file types
  bk findkey - look for keys in files
  bk findmerge - show where two revisions where merged
  bk fixtool - fix up pending changes
  bk flags - show a listing of files and their BitKeeper flags
  bk fm3tool - BitKeeper three-way merge tool
  bk fmtool - BitKeeper side-by-side merge tool
  bk gate - set or show the gate status of a nested collection
  bk gca - show the greatest common ancestor
  bk get - check out BitKeeper files
  bk gethost - display machine name
  bk getuser - display user name
  bk gfiles - generate lists of BitKeeper controlled files
  bk glob - demo program to show glob pattern expansion
  bk gone - mark a file (key) as gone
  bk grep - search some/all revisions of one or more files for a pattern
  bk help - get help for BitKeeper commands
  bk helptool - graphical front-end to the BitKeeper help system
  bk here - list or change the set of populated repositories
  bk here - add one or more components to a nested collection
  bk here - remove one or more components to a nested collection
  bk history - guide to viewing changes to files and/or repositories
  bk id - display the identity of a package or repository
  bk ignore - ignore shell glob patterns
  bk import - import files or changes into a BitKeeper package
  bk initscripts - sample script for starting the BitKeeper daemon
  bk isascii - check that a file is ascii
  bk key2path - convert BitKeeper keys to pathnames
  bk key2rev - convert BitKeeper keys to revisions
  bk keywords - list of RCS and SCCS keywords
  bk latest - run command using the latest version of bk
  bk level - set or show the level of the repository
  bk lock - lock a repository or show lockers
  bk log - print file revision history and/or metadata
  bk makepatch - creates BitKeeper patches
  bk merge - three-way text based file merge
  bk merge-binaries - help on merging binary conflicts
  bk mv - rename file[s]
  bk names - put BitKeeper files where they should be
  bk new - add a file to the repository
  bk newroot - change the identity of a repository
  bk obscure - obscure BitKeeper file comments and contents
  bk parent - manage repository parent pointer[s]
  bk partition - transform a single repository into a nested collection
  bk patch - apply a diff file to an original
  bk path - show the path that BK uses for all subprocesses
  perlretut - Perl regular expressions tutorial
  bk pending - list deltas which need to be in a changeset
  bk port - pull changes from a different nested collection or standalone
  bk portal - set or show the portal status of a nested collection
  bk prompt - prompt a user with a message
  bk pull - update a repository from its parent[s]
  bk push - send local changes to parent repository
  bk pwd - print directory name
  bk r2c - convert file revision to ChangeSet revision
  bk range - demo program to show ranges & dates
  bk receive - receive a BitKeeper patch
  bk regex - demo program to show regular expressions in BitKeeper
  bk relink - recreate broken hard links
  bk remerge - redo the last merge
  bk renames - list file renames contained in one or more changesets
  bk renametool - graphical tool for finding renames
  bk renumber - regenerate the revision history numbers
  bk repocheck - check repository for consistency
  bk repogca - show greatest common ancestor across a set of repositories
  bk repos - command description
  bk repotype - display repository type
  bk resolve - merge and/or apply new work after a pull
  bk resolving - help on resolving conflicts
  bk revtool - BitKeeper graphical history browser
  bk rm - remove BitKeeper file[s]
  bk rmdir - remove a BitKeeper directory
  bk rmgone - remove files having keys in the gone file
  bk root - print the path name to the root of the repository
  bk rset - list files in a cset or the difference between two csets
  bk sane - check for various BitKeeper requirements
  bk sccslog - list deltas sorted by date across all files
  bk send - send a BitKeeper patch
  bk sendbug - file a bug report
  bk service - manage a bkd as a Windows service
  bk set - set operations
  bk setup - create a new BitKeeper package
  bk setuptool - graphical front-end to the BitKeeper setup command
  bk sfio - BitKeeper file archiver
  bk smerge - smart text-based 3-way file merge
  bk status - show repository status
  bk stripdel - strip deltas out of an s.file
  bk superset - check to see if the parent is ahead of the current repos- itory
  bk support - send a support request
  bk tag - tag the BitKeeper repository with a symbolic name
  bk changes - list tagged changesets
  bk takepatch - apply a BitKeeper patch
  bk templates - predefined templates for comments
  bk terms - definitions of BitKeeper terms
  bk triggers - using BitKeeper event triggers
  bk undo - Undo a changeset or set of changesets
  bk undos - convert DOS files to UNIX files
  bk unedit - destroy any unchecked in changes to specified files
  bk uninstall - uninstall BitKeeper
  bk unlock - remove BitKeeper repository locks
  bk unpull - remove changesets added by bk pull
  bk unrm - resurrect a removed BitKeeper file
  bk untag - delete the symbolic namd in the BitKeeper repository
  bk unwrap - unwrap patches
  bk upgrade - upgrade to, or check for, new versions of BitKeeper
  bk url - methods of accessing BitKeeper repositories
  bk version - print BitKeeper version
  bk what - look for SCCS what strings
  bk wrap - using BitKeeper wrappers
  bk xflags - check or fix BitKeeper flags
  bk zone - print BitKeeper's view of the timezone

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