bk wrap(7.3ce)              BitKeeper User's Manual             bk wrap(7.3ce)

       bk wrap - using BitKeeper wrappers

       For  various reasons, you may wish to wrap a patch which is transmitted
       through email.  The typical reason is that the patch is  going  through
       some  mailer  which  chops  long  lines or performs some other unwanted
       transformation on the data.  Wrapping is typically done via the bk send
       interface with the -w option.

       The following two commands produce identical data:

           $ ls -1 | bk uuwrap | bk unuuwrap
           $ ls -1

       The current set of wrappers are:

           b64 - wrap data using base 64 encoding
           gzip_b64 - gzip the data and then base 64 encode the zipped data
           gzip_uu - gzip the data and then uuencode the zipped data
           uu - wrap the data using uuencode

       bk base64
       bk send
       bk receive


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