bk comments(7.3ce)          BitKeeper User's Manual         bk comments(7.3ce)

       bk comments - change checkin comments

       bk comments [-p] [-C<cset>] [-r<rev>] [<file> ... | -]
       bk comments [-C<cset>] [-r<rev>] [-y<cmt>] [-Y<file>] [<file> ... | -]

       The bk comments command changes the stored comments for a revision con-
       trolled file.  The comments may be specified on the command line, or if
       they  are  not,  you  will be placed in your editor to type in the com-

       If given "-" for a file argument, bk comments reads a list of files and
       comments to be edited from stdin.  The format looks like this:

           ### Comments for file.c|1.23
           this is a sample comment
           ### Comments for file2.h|
           these are
           other comments

       -r<rev>     Change  the  comments  for  the  specified  revision.   The
                   default is the most recent revision.
       -y<comment> Use <comment> as the new comment for all files.
       -Y<file>    Use the contents of <file>  as  the  new  comment  for  all
       -C<rev>     Edit  all  the  file comments on the requested changeset at
                   once.  May not be combined with "-r".
       -p          Generate the list of all comments in  the  files  requested
                   and write them to stdout.  This file can be edited and then
                   later fed into "bk comments -" on stdin to change the  com-

       If  no files to edit is given on the command line then "-C+" is assumed
       and the comments for the files in the last changeset are edited.

       Nota bene: if the deltas being  commented  have  been  committed  to  a
       changeset  and  have  been  pulled  out of this repository, the comment
       changes will not propagate on the next bk pull.  It  is  strongly  sug-
       gested  that  you  use  this  only on uncommitted deltas which have not
       been pulled or cloned.  In the future, we will add a way  of  enforcing

       bk log
       bk sccslog


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