bk port(7.3ce)              BitKeeper User's Manual             bk port(7.3ce)

       bk port - pull changes from a different nested collection or standalone

       bk port [-CiqRsTu] [-c<n>] [-E<env>=<var>] [-r<rev>] <from>

       bk  port  is  used  to  pull  changes from a related repository that is
       either in a different product or is a  standalone  repository.   It  is
       similar  to  bk  pull  but  differs  in that it can pull across product

       If the destination is attached to a product, that  product  must  be  a

       Changes are retrieved and automatically applied, if possible.  You will
       only be asked to resolve conflicts by hand if a  file  has  overlapping
       changes  (changes where both repositories have touched the same line in
       the same file).

       To see what would be ported run

           bk changes -SR <from>

       -C            Do not commit the ported  changeset[s]  to  the  product.
                     Use  this  option when you wish to combine the port event
                     with other changes to the product.
       -c<n>         try to get the remote lock <n>  times  before  giving  up
                     (default forever).
       -E<env>=<val> Export environment variable to remote site.  The environ-
                     ment variable must start with BKU_.
       -i            Turn off automerge feature in  resolve.   For  each  file
                     with  parallel  work,  you  are  prompted  to examine the
                     changes and either manually or automatically merge  them.
                     Mutually exclusive with "-s".
       -q            Be quiet.
       -R            Do  not  run  resolve  at  all.   You must run bk resolve
       -r<rev>       Pull up to and including this revision, but exclude later
                     changes.   (Or  key  or  changeset  revision. See bk help
                     terms under 'rev argument')
       -s            Pass "-s" to resolve ("-s" means do  not  do  interactive
                     resolve  of  any conflicts, leave that for later.)  Mutu-
                     ally exclusive with "-i".
       -T            Pass "-T" to resolve ("-T"  means  do  not  use  the  GUI
       -u            Do  not  complete the port if there are local changesets,
                     i.e., insist that this operation is an update operation.

       bk bkd
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       bk triggers
       bk unpull


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