bk csettool(7.3ce)          BitKeeper User's Manual         bk csettool(7.3ce)

       bk csettool - BitKeeper graphical changeset browser

       bk csettool [-]
       bk csettool [-S] [-r<revs>] [dir]
       bk csettool [-r<revs>] [-f<file>|<rev>]
       bk csettool [-S] -L[<url>]

       bk  csettool  is  used to view detailed information about the specified
       changeset[s].  bk csettool displays the list of changes in each change-
       set, the file and ChangeSet checkin comments, and the differences found
       in each file contained in each changeset.

       Csettool is a useful aide when tracking down bugs.  For  example,  when
       using  revtool  to  view comments for a specific file in order to track
       when a change was made to the file. Once the desired file is found, the
       user  can then click on the "View ChangeSet" button in revtool to bring
       up to see what other files were modified at the same time that the file
       of interest was modified.

       To see the changes for a particular file, click on the file name in the
       top left window and you will see:

       => the number of diffs in the middle status window
       => the old version of the file in the lower-left window
       => the new version of the file in the lower-right window
       => the ChangeSet's comments followed by the  delta's  comments  in  the
          upper-right window

       Use  the  space bar to move between diffs and files.  Each time you hit
       the space bar, the next diff is brought into view.  If you are  on  the
       last diff, the tool moves to the next file. The "Next" (>>) buttons and
       "Previous" (<<) buttons in the top menu bar  will  also  allow  you  to
       browse the files and diffs.

       The "History" button in the menu bar can be used to start the graphical
       history browser, revtool, on either the entire project (ChangeSet file)
       or on the file highlighted in the upper-left window.

       The  "View  Product"  button in the menu bar, if present, will view the
       current changeset from the point of view of the product rather than the
       component.   If  the  changeset  being viewed was part of a commit in a
       nested collection and spanned multiple components, this wider view  can
       be useful.

       All  options,  with  the exception of -S, are mutually exclusive, i.e.,
       pick one (or none) of the following.

       -r<revs>        ChangeSet revision to examine. Can be a single revision
                       or  a  range  of revisions. If no "-r" option is given,
                       csettool  defaults  to  "-r+",  i.e.  the  most  recent
       -L[<url>]       Show  all changesets unique to this repository relative
                       to the (outgoing) parent or <url> if one was specified.
                       Very similar to:

                           bk csettool -r@`bk repogca [<url>]`..

       --standalone    By default, bk csettool runs in the product of a nested
                       collection.  To view the changeset in  the  context  of
                       this component you run

                           $ bk csettool -S

       -f<file>|<rev>  Given  a filename and revision, csettool starts up with
                       the specified file and revision selected.
       -               expects a list of revisions on stdin.

       Home            Scroll both files to the top
       End             Scroll both files to the bottom
       PageUp          Scroll both files one screen up (also Control-b)
       PageDown        Scroll both files one screen down (also Control-f)
       UpArrow         Scroll both files one line up (also Control-y)
       DownArrow       Scroll both files one line down (also Control-e)
       LeftArrow       Scroll both files to the left
       RightArrow      Scroll both files to the right
       Alt-UpArrow     Make the diffs windows one line bigger  and  the  lists
                       windows one line smaller.
       Alt-DownArrow   Make  the  diffs windows one line smaller and the lists
                       windows one line bigger.
       Control-q       Quit
       space           Next diff, if last diff in this file,  then  goto  next
       n               Next  diff,  if  last diff in this file, then goto next
       p               Previous diff, if first diff in this  file,  then  goto
                       previous file
       .               Center the current diff on the screen
       Control-n       Next file
       Control-p       Previous file
       s               Export the current ChangeSet as a patch.
       Double-Clicking Double  clicking the left mouse button on a file in the
                       file list brings up revtool for the specified file.

       We plan on having a single screen diff window option where the  changes
       are all shown color coded in one window.

       bk changes
       bk config-gui
       bk cset
       bk difftool
       bk range
       bk revtool


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