bk checksum(7.3ce)          BitKeeper User's Manual         bk checksum(7.3ce)

       bk checksum - check and/or fix BitKeeper per file checksums

       bk checksum [-s[<offset>]] [-fv] [-r<rev>] [<file> ... | -]

       BitKeeper has more integrity checksums than the original SCCS had (SCCS
       had one over the whole s.file).  BitKeeper maintains a  checksum  which
       is compatible with SCCS and also a set of new checksums, one per delta.
       This command is typically used to check and/or regenerate the per delta
       checksums.   Without any options, the default behavior is to just check
       each checksum warn about any checksums that are missing or incorrect.

       This command may also be used to print a list of checksums of arbitrary
       data, see the -s option.

       The  per delta checksums are part of the delta keys which are contained
       in the ChangeSet file.  These keys are part of the metadata which  Bit-
       Keeper  uses  to  group  deltas  into changesets.  If the checksums are
       changed, the checksums in the ChangeSet file  must  be  correspondingly
       changed,  and  the  process  repeated  for each copy of the repository.
       Needless to say, we do not encourage the use of this command  with  the
       -f option unless you are very sure of what you are doing.

       -f         fix any missing or incorrect checksums.
       -r<rev>    Limit  checks  to one revision.  Faster than checking
                  the whole file if the problem delta is known.
       -s[<off>]  generate and print the SCCS  style  16  bit  unsigned
                  checksum  starting  at offset off.  If off is 8, then
                  this generates the same  checksum  as  the  per  file
                  checksum.  If there are no file arguments, reads data
                  from stdin (note: differs from  other  options  which
                  obey the normal BitKeeper file expansion rules).
       --safe-fix Only  do  fixes which do not alter the deltakey.  The
                  fix removes an unneeded merge parent.
       -v         be verbose.

       bk check

       Do not depend on per file checksums being SCCS compatible,  Bit-
       Keeper is likely to move to a CRC in a future release.


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