bk history(7.3ce)           BitKeeper User's Manual          bk history(7.3ce)

       bk history - guide to viewing changes to files and/or repositories

       There  are  multiple  tools to view the history of the repository, of a
       file, or of a collection of files such as a directory.  All  tools  are
       described more completely on their own man pages.

       To view the high-level changes to a repository, type:

           $ bk changes

       bk  changes has many options to control which changesets are shown, how
       they are shown, etc.  It is the primary way for finding out  what  hap-
       pened in the repository and reading the changes man page is highly rec-

       The revision history of a file can be accessed by typing:

           $ bk log foo.c

       bk log has many options. The most commonly used is the -r option  which
       is  used  to select a particular revision of the file.  For example, to
       see the most recent check-in for every file in the current directory:

           $ bk log -r+

       The bk log command documents the metadata associated with  a  BitKeeper
       file  as  well  as  how  to display it.  Reading the bk log man page is
       highly recommended.

       The bk sccslog command is a time ordered view of changes over a set  of
       files.   Unlike  bk  log,  bk sccslog sorts all changes from all of the
       specified (or implied) files and then displays each change  in  chrono-
       logical  order.  The following will display the changes which have hap-
       pened to all the files in the current directory:

           $ bk sccslog

       All three commands support the same range notation as well as a  method
       of controlling the output format known as "dspecs" which are documented
       on the bk log man page.

       There are two graphical tools which are primarily used to view  changes
       to files or repositories.  These tools are described more completely on
       their man pages.

       bk csettool is a graphical changeset viewer which displays the list  of
       changes  in each changeset, the ChangeSet history, and the file differ-
       ences (in a side by side display) for each file in each changeset.   It
       is the graphical version of bk changes.

       bk revtool as a tool which shows the revision history graph of either a
       specified file or of the the ChangeSet file.  Nodes in the graph may be
       selected  to  view that version of the file.  If two nodes are selected
       then the differences between the two versions are shown.

       bk changes
       bk csettool
       bk difftool
       bk log
       bk range
       bk revtool
       bk sccslog
       bk set


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