bk level(7.3ce)             BitKeeper User's Manual            bk level(7.3ce)

       bk level - set or show the level of the repository

       bk level [-l] [<num>]

       The  bk  level  command  prints or sets the level of the repository.  A
       repository with no level setting defaults to level  1.   The  level  is
       automatically  set when a repository is cloned to the level of the par-
       ent repository.

       With an argument, it sets the level to that argument.   With  no  argu-
       ment, the command prints the repository level.  If an error occurs, the
       level is shown as 1 million (1000000).

       Repository levels may be  used  to  control  the  flow  of  changesets.
       Changes may only flow to a repository of the same or higher level.  The
       typical use for levels is to create a stable or bug-fix repository.  If
       that  repository  has  a  lower  level than the development repository,
       changes may be moved from stable to development, but not the other way.

       -l     Just list the level on a line by itself.  Useful for scripts.

       bk clone
       bk pull
       bk push


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