bk attach(7.3ce)            BitKeeper User's Manual           bk attach(7.3ce)

       bk attach - attach a component repository to a product repository

       bk attach [-qC] [-E<e>=<v>] [-r<rev>] <from> [<component>]

       The  bk attach command is a form of bk clone used to attach a component
       repository to a product repository that is the portal.   The  specified
       repository  is  cloned and becomes a component within the product. This
       command must be run from within the product that is the portal for this
       nested collection.

       -C            Do  not  commit the component to the product.  Use
                     this option when you wish to  combine  the  attach
                     event with other changes to the product.
       -E<env>=<val> Export  an environment variable to the bkd running
                     in the  remote  BitKeeper  repository.   Typically
                     used to pass information to remote triggers.  Only
                     variables with the prefix BKU_ are allowed.
       -q            Run quietly.
       -r<rev>       Clone the repository  up  to  and  including  cset
                     <rev>.  A changeset number or changeset key can be
                     used to specify <rev>.

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