bk fixtool(7.3ce)           BitKeeper User's Manual          bk fixtool(7.3ce)

       bk fixtool - fix up pending changes

       bk fixtool [-fpsuw] [<file> ...]

       bk  fixtool  allows  you  to revise changes made to one or more working
       files prior to creating a delta.  Typically, this feature is used imme-
       diately  before  a  check  in  when  it  is realized that that there is
       unwanted work, such as debugging messages, mixed in  with  useful  work
       which should be saved.

       bk  fixtool calls "bk gfiles -c" to find files which have been changed.
       The default is to find all files which have been changed but  this  may
       be controlled by specifying a set of files and/or directories.

       For each changed file bk fixtool

       =>  clears the screen
       =>  shows the changes (via bk diff)
       =>  and prompts for an action.

       The action must be a letter followed by "Enter".  The choices are:

       n   (no) skips this file and continues to the next file.
       q   (quit) stop processing files.
       u   (unedit) discards all changes made to the named file.
       y   (yes)  run  bk  fmtool  on the previously checked in version of the
           file and the current working file.  This is most commonly  used  to
           remove debugging statements while leaving the new work.
           Note:  When you have selected the changes you want, clicking "Done"
           saves your merges, overwriting the current working file.

       -f  forces the answer to all prompts to be "y".
       -p  passed through to bk diff to get procedural diffs.
       -s  passed through to bk diff to get side-by-side diffs.
       -u  passed through to bk diff to get unified diffs.
       -w  passed through to bk diff to ignore whitespace in diffs.

       bk citool
       bk diff
       bk fmtool


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