bk conflicts(7.3ce)         BitKeeper User's Manual        bk conflicts(7.3ce)

       bk conflicts - list unresolved files which contain conflicts

       bk conflicts [-dDfrvS] [<file> ...]

       The  conflicts  command lists unmerged files which contain content con-
       flicts and need to be resolved.  Both filenames and directory names may
       be  specified  and  they  are treated as in bk gfiles.  Only files that
       contain conflicts are actually listed.

       Any options specified will operate only on the set of files that  would
       normally be listed.

       -d   Invoke  bk  diff  on the file, showing the differences between the
            local and remote files.
       -D   Like -d but using the graphical diff tool instead of text diffs.
       -f   Invoke the 3-way filemerge in read-only mode.  This is  useful  in
            case  the  developer  working on a particular merge wants a second
            person to see the conflict in question without the danger of over-
            writing the merged file.
       -r   Invoke  revtool,  highlighting the GCA, LOCAL, and REMOTE versions
            in the file.
       -S   When  used in a nested collection, treat the repository as  if  it
            were detached rather than as part of the  collection.
       -v   Verbose  listing.  The output lists the files that match the file-
            names or directories specified, along  with  the  number  of  non-
            automerged conflicts in the file.
       -vv  More  verbose  listing.  As above but shows the number of lines in
            conflict with the authors of those lines.

           $ bk conflicts '*.h'

           $ bk conflicts -v '*.h'
           src/bkd.h has 2 conflict blocks
           src/logging.h has 2 conflict blocks
           src/mdbm/common.h has 1 conflict block
           src/mdbm/mdbm.h has 3 conflict blocks
           src/sccs.h has 3 conflict blocks
           src/win32.h has 1 conflict block

           $ bk conflicts -vv 'src/logging.h'
           src/logging.h has 2 conflict blocks
             63 local lines by wscott
              7 local lines by lm
             33 remote lines by wscott
              5 remote lines by lm

       bk diff
       bk difftool
       bk fm3tool
       bk resolve
       bk resolving
       bk revtool
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