bk fast-export(7.3ce-rc1)   BitKeeper User's Manual  bk fast-export(7.3ce-rc1)

       bk fast-export - export the repository in a format compatible with git

       bk fast-export <options>

       bk  fast-export  exports the entire repository in a format suitable for
       input to git's fast-import command. The output is sent to standard out-

       By  default  the  BitKeeper  MD5KEY of the equivalent changeset will be
       added to every commit in git.

       --authors=<filename> Use the given file as a map for authors. The  syn-
                            tax is compatible with git cvsimport:

                                USER = Name <email@domain.com>

                            With one user per line.
       --branch=<branch>    By  default  the export will be done for the "mas-
                            ter" git branch.  This  option  lets  you  do  the
                            export  for a different branch. This is useful for
                            exporting two different BitKeeper  branches  (e.g.
                            "dev"  and "stable") into the same git repository.
                            See SUGGESTED USE below.
       --incremental=<repo> Do an incremental export starting  from  the  last
                            exported  cset found in the Git repository <repo>.
                            This will not work if  the  previous  export  used
       --no-bk-keys         Don't  add  the  "bk: <mk5key>" line at the end of
                            the comments (incompatible with --incremental).
       --quiet              Don't print warnings or other information.
       --standalone         When used in a nested collection, export only  the
                            product  or  the  component implied by the current
                            working directory.

       The commands to export a BitKeeper repository named "bk-repo" to a  git
       repository named "git-repo" would be:

           $ git init git-repo
           $ (cd bk-repo; bk fast-export) | (cd git-repo ; git fast-import)

       And to do an incremental export later:

           $ (cd bk-repo; bk fast-export --incremental=../git-repo) | \
             (cd git-repo ; git fast-import)

       It  is  suggested that you create a pristine import branch where no git
       commits are created. By default, fast-export warns if the latest commit
       in  the  import  branch  is not marked with a BitKeper key (This can be
       disabled with the --quiet option).

       For example, if you have two separate BitKeeper  branches:  'dev',  and
       'stable',  you  can import each of them into corresponding git branches
       and pass the appropriate --branch option to fast-export each  time.  If
       the git repository is also being developed, this can be done in a sepa-
       rate git branch (e.g. 'master').

       bk fast-export returns exit status 0 if the export  completed  success-
       fuly. Non-zero if there was an error.

       bk fast-import


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