bk gone(7.3ce)              BitKeeper User's Manual             bk gone(7.3ce)

       bk gone - mark a file (key) as gone

       bk gone [-q] [<key key ...> | -]

       The  bk  gone  command  is used when a file has been lost or physically
       deleted and the administrator of the repository has  decided  that  the
       file should be marked as gone.

       The key of the file can be generated from an existing file as follows:

           $ bk log -r+ -d:ROOTKEY: file

       The  key that is returned from the above command  needs to be marked as
       gone if the file is to be removed from the repository.

       Sometimes a file is lost (i.e. the gotten file and the s.file have been
       removed  by accident). Whenever repository-level commands are run, con-
       sistency checks are performed. When these checks run, they will  notice
       that  a file is lost and will complain.  After looking over the consis-
       tency check output carefully, you can  run  the  following  command  to
       automatically mark all the missing files as gone:

           bk -r check -ag | bk -R gone -

       -q  be quiet.

       Just  adding the key to the gone file does not make the file "go away."
       All it does is make BitKeeper be happy if the file  is  actually  gone.
       If  you want to really remove the file, save the key, physically remove
       the file, and run "bk -r check -a".  If that complains, run bk gone  on
       the listed keys.

       bk check


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