bk setuptool(7.3ce)         BitKeeper User's Manual        bk setuptool(7.3ce)

       bk setuptool - graphical front-end to the BitKeeper setup command

       bk setuptool [<directory>]

       The bk setuptool command is a graphical interface for creating new Bit-
       Keeper repositories.

       The purpose of the tool is to help you enter  all  of  the  information
       needed to create a repository by stepping you through a series of input
       forms and prompts.

       You will be prompted for additional information that will be stored  in
       the  config  file  for  the repository. Different types of repositories
       will require slightly different sets of data.

       After all information has been entered you will have a chance to review
       the information that will be put into the config file before the repos-
       itory is created. When the repository is created, the  config  file  is
       stored as a normal revision controlled file so that you may go back and
       edit the file at a later date.

       If you will be creating several repositories that  will  use  the  same
       configuration  information (such as contact information) you may create
       a system-wide default  config  file  in  /etc/BitKeeper/etc/config.tem-
       plate.   This  has the same format as a regular config file.  bk setup-
       tool will look for this file and, if found, use the data in the file to
       set the default values when creating a new repository.

       To create a repository named /projects/helloworld, you type the follow-
       ing command:

           bk setuptool /projects/helloworld

       This will prompt you for information to place in the  config  file  and
       then  create  a  project hierarchy rooted at /projects/helloworld.  The
       config file with the data you entered is  in  /projects/helloworld/Bit-

       You do not need to include the name of a directory on the command line.
       If you do not include it you will be required to enter  a  name  during
       one of the configuration steps.

       ENTER Perform  the  default  action,  which is either to go to the next
             step, or create the repository if on the final step.
       TAB   Moves between input fields.

       You may also use your system's cut, copy and paste keys  in  the  input

       bk config-etc
       bk setup


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