bk get(7.3ce)               BitKeeper User's Manual              bk get(7.3ce)

       bk get - check out BitKeeper files

       bk get [options] [<file> ... | -]

       bk checkout [-qT] [<file> ... | -]

       bk  get is used to check out files for viewing or editing.  By default,
       files are checked out unlocked and read-only.

       bk checkout is used to to checkout files in the  repository's  checkout
       mode (bk get defaults to read-only, this form matches the checkout con-

       -A<bdnpru> Align prefix output in a human readable form.   The  set  of
                  annotations  will  be followed by a vertical bar and a space
                  before the data from each line of  the  file  starts.   Each
                  annotation  is  aligned in a column.  The option argument[s]
                  turn on one or more annotations as a prefix  to  each  line.
                  The possible annotations are:

                  b   Prefix each line with the basename of the file.
                  d   Prefix each line with the date of last modification.
                  n   Prefix each line with its line number.
                  p   Prefix  each  line with pathname of the file relative to
                      the root of the repository.
                  r   Prefix each line with the revision of last modification.
                  u   Prefix each line the name of the user who last  modified

       -a<bdnpru> Similar to "-A" but without the alignment.
       -e         Checkout the file for editing (same as bk edit).
       -g         Suppress  the  retrieval  of any text; sometimes useful with
       -h         Invert sense of file's hash flag.
       -i<list>   Include revs in <list>.
       -k         Don't expand RCS or SCCS keywords.  "-k" is implied by "-e".
       -p         Write file to standard output (useful in scripts).
       -P         Write to stdout, forcing a check out even  if  the  file  is
                  corrupted (i.e., has a bad checksum).
       -q         Run quietly, suppressing diagnostics.
       -r<rev>    Get this revision (or key or changeset revision--see bk help
                  terms under "rev argument").  If combined with "-e"  (edit),
                  BitKeeper checks out the tip revision combined with a set of
                  deltas to be included and excluded to produce the  requested
       -S         Check  out the file if and only if it is not already checked
       -T         Set the gfile's modification time to  the  delta's  creation
       -x<list>   Exclude revs in <list>.

       You  may not need to check out every file in order to compile your pro-
       gram since most versions of the Make program will check  files  out  as
       they  are  needed.  In order for this to work, the get command needs to
       correct  in  the Makefile.  If that is true, a simple "make" will check
       out and build your product.

       If you are using Gnu Make the following will check out any  non-checked
       out files:

           JUNK := $(shell bk -Ur. -1 -^G checkout)

       bk config-etc
       bk edit
       bk keywords


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