bk repocheck(7.3ce)         BitKeeper User's Manual        bk repocheck(7.3ce)

       bk repocheck - check repository for consistency

       bk repocheck [-qS] [--check_opts="options"]

       bk  repocheck is used to make sure that a repository is in a consistent
       state.  It works in traditional  standalone  repositories  as  well  as
       nested collections.

       If  you  suspect  there might be a problem with your repository, run bk
       repocheck.  If you send email for support, please include the output of
       the following:

           bk version
           bk config
           bk repocheck

       This command is implemented on top of bk check.  The default, when run-
       ning a nested collection, is to run in parallel;  in  that  case  check
       output is suppressed unless there are errors.

                     This  long option may be used to pass any valid option to
                     bk check.  The format must include the leading  -  or  --
                     for  each  option  and each option must be separated by a
                     space like so:

                         --check-opts='-fv -e'

       -q            Run quietly.
       -S            Just check the current repo.  This has  no  effect  in  a
                     traditional  standalone  repository, but in a nested col-
                     lection, this will check just the current repository, not
                     the entire nested collection.

       bk check
       bk support


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