bk fmtool(7.3ce)            BitKeeper User's Manual           bk fmtool(7.3ce)

       bk fmtool - BitKeeper side-by-side merge tool

       bk fmtool
       bk fmtool <local_file> <remote_file> <merged_file>

       bk  fmtool  is a side-by-side merge tool used for resolving differences
       between two different versions of a file.

       If bk fmtool is started without arguments, use  the  "Open"  button  to
       select the files that you wish to merge.

       When  fmtool  is  started,  there are three main windows, the ``local''
       window on the left,  the  ``remote''  window  on  the  right,  and  the
       ``merge''  window on the bottom.  When doing a bk pull, your repository
       is considered local and the other one is considered  remote,  and  Bit-
       Keeper  arranges to have the local version of the file on the left side
       and the remote version on the right.

       Merging is done as follows:

       =>  bk fmtool starts scanning both files from the top until  difference
           are  found.  The identical work (i.e the work up to the point where
           the differences are found) is put in the merge window.
       =>  The user selects whether the remote or local version of the  change
           will  be  used  by  clicking the "Use Left" or "Use Right" buttons.
           When the user picks a version, the changes are placed in the  merge
       =>  Repeat the process until all changes are placed in the merge file.

       The  changes in the merge window are colored so that it is easy to tell
       whether the work was from the local or remote file.

       Each merge may be undone either by clicking the "Undo" button or  using
       the  keys listed below.  The undo works all the way to the start of the

       If you need to make adjustments to the merge, you can edit the work  in
       the merge window.  The merge window is a simple editor - move the mouse
       pointer where you want to make the changes and start typing.

       Control-LeftArrow   Use the diff in the left window.
       Control-RightArrow  Use the diff in the right window.
       Control-DownArrow   Skip the current diff, using neither.
       Control-UpArrow     Undo the last choice.
       Control-q           Exit from bk fmtool.
       Alt-UpArrow         Grow the merge window and shrink the diff windows.
       Alt-DownArrow       Grow the diff windows and shrink the merge window.

       The following keys operate on the set of windows that have  the  focus.
       Click in the diff windows or the merge window to set the focus.

       PageDown            Scroll the diffs or the merge window up one screen.
       PageUp              Scroll the diffs or the merge window up one screen.
       DownArrow           Scroll the diffs or the merge window up one line.
       UpArrow             Scroll the diffs or the merge window up one line.

       bk config-gui
       bk merge
       bk merge-binaries
       bk resolving


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