bk edit(7.3ce)              BitKeeper User's Manual             bk edit(7.3ce)

       bk edit - check out a file for editing

       bk edit [-q] [-r<rev>] [<file> ... | -]

       If  a  file  is  not  locked  for writing, i.e., it is not visible in a
       directory listing or it is read-only, then use bk edit to check out the
       file and lock it, making it available for writing.

       bk edit with no options will check out all files in a directory.

       -q      run quietly
       -r<rev> Edit  the  file,  rolling  it back to the contents specified by
               "rev  argument") BitKeeper will check out the tip revision com-
               bined with a set of include and exclude deltas needed  to  pro-
               duce the requested revision.

       While it may seem like this step could be done with a simple

           $ chmod +w foo.c

       that  is  not  correct.  The reason is keyword expansion.  Keywords are
       expanded only in read-only files, they are unexpanded in locked  files.
       For  example,  if  a  file contains %M% %I%, when it is not locked that
       will look like foo.c 1.2.  If the file is modified after the chmod then
       the  keywords will forever more be foo.c 1.2, which is not likely to be
       the desired result.  One could argue  that  BitKeeper  should  try  and
       catch  this case (and it does, bk check will frequently fix it), but it
       is impossible to do so correctly in all cases.

       bk terms


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