bk repos(1)                 BitKeeper User's Manual                bk repos(1)

       bk repos - command description

       bk repos [-a | -m] [--check-all] [-q] [-v]
       bk repos [-c] <repo_path>
       bk repos [--raw]

       BitKeeper remembers where repositories are by keeping a list of reposi-
       tory locations. When repositories are created (bk clone or bk setup) or
       are  checked  (bk  repocheck),  this  list is updated with the pathname
       along with some other metadata.

       The bk repos command shows and updates this list  of  repository  loca-

       With  no  options,  the command will simply list repositories in alpha-
       betic order.  Prior to the output, repositories are checked  for  exis-
       tence and those found to be missing are pruned.

       --check-all   Validate  that  all  the saved repository locations exist
                     and update their metadata.  Without the -q option, output
                     the updated list.
       -q            Allow the list to be updated but do not output anything.
       --raw         Output  the list of repository locations without checking
                     that each still exists.  Useful in performance  sensitive
                     (NFS) environments where testing each repository location
                     may be expensive.
       -a            Sort the output on access time.  Access time  is  defined
                     as  the time of any bk command having been run inside the
       -m            Sort the output on modification time.  Modification  time
                     is defined as the timestamp of the tip changeset.
       -c<repo_path> Update the list entry for this repository.
       -v            Output  all  of the data associated with each repository.
                     The format is:


       bk clone
       bk setup
       bk repocheck
       bk id


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