bk filetypes(7.3ce)         BitKeeper User's Manual        bk filetypes(7.3ce)

       bk filetypes - summary of BitKeeper file types

       For each file under revision control, there are a number of files asso-
       ciated with the main file.  The following list describes the purpose of
       each file:

       <foo>        "gfile" - the "gotten" file; this is your source file
       SCCS/s.<foo> "sfile"  -  the  revision  history  of all versions of the
       SCCS/x.<foo> "xfile" - a temporary file which contains the new  version
                    of  the  sfile  under  construction.  When the check-in is
                    finished, the sfile is removed and the xfile is moved into
                    its place.
       SCCS/c.<foo> "cfile" - a temporary copy of check in comments, currently
                    used only by bk citool.
       SCCS/d.<foo> "dfile" - a temporary file  that  indicates  there  is  at
                    least one pending delta in the sfile.

       Other than the gfile, accessing any of these files directly is discour-
       aged.  In the future, all of the meta-files will be virtual.   At  that
       point,  there will be interfaces to read them, test for their presence,
       and write them.


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