bk takepatch(7.3ce)         BitKeeper User's Manual        bk takepatch(7.3ce)

       bk takepatch - apply a BitKeeper patch

       bk takepatch [-aciStv] [-f<file>]

       The  takepatch  command  is used to apply a BitKeeper patch.  BitKeeper
       patches are how data is moved between BitKeeper repositories.

       Users do not normally invoke this command, it  is  called  directly  by
       bk pull, bk push, or bk receive.

       -a             Apply the changes (call bk resolve.)
       -c             Do not accept conflicts with this patch.
       -f<file>       Take the patch from <file> and do not save it.
       -i             Initial patch, create a new repository.
       -j<N>          Unpack the patch using N parallel sub-processes.
       --no-automerge Takepatch will try to automerge the file as part of tak-
                      ing the patch.  This option will delay the merging until
                      the resolve stage.  bk pull -i uses this option.
       -S             Save RESYNC and or PENDING directories even if errors.
       -T             Run in text only mode, do not use GUI tools.
       -v             Verbose level, more is more verbose, "-vv" is suggested.

       bk pull
       bk push
       bk receive


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