bk range(7.3ce)             BitKeeper User's Manual            bk range(7.3ce)

       bk range - demo program to show ranges & dates

       bk range [-qS] [-L[<url>] [-c<range> | -r<rev>] [<file> ... | -]

       Many  commands  may take as arguments date ranges or graph differences.
       The graph difference between revision <B> and revision <A> is  the  set
       of  deltas  in  <B>'s  history  that are not in <A>'s history.  You may
       specify  deltas  by  revision  number  (1.2),  delta   key   ('amy@bit-
       keeper.com|man/man1/bk-terms.1|20020714011327|59990'),  a symbolic name
       (@tag), changeset revision (@1.33), or changeset  key  (@'lm@disks.bit-
       keeper.com|ChangeSet|20020912140445|17593').    The   graph  difference
       between revisions <B> and <A> is represented by the notation  <A>..<B>,
       as in:

           bk changes -r1.1820.2.1..1.1822

       Dates are always specified as ranges; you can specify a date range this

           bk log -c1998..2002

       The date format is "<YYYY>/<MM>/<DD> <HH>:<M>:<SS>" with missing fields
       either  rounded  up  or  rounded down.  If you do not want to quote the
       date string, you can use a non-digit character, such as hyphen ("-") in
       its  place,  for  example,  "2001/07/19-12:00:00".  Optionally, you can
       append a time zone offset of the form -ZH:ZM for negative offsets  from
       GMT  or  +ZH:ZM  for positive offsets.  Date rounding is context sensi-
       tive: the starting date is rounded down and the ending date is  rounded
       up,        so        2001..2001        is       the       same       as
       2001/01/01-00:00:00..2001/12/31-23:59:59.  A single  date  is  used  as
       both      endpoints      so      2005/12     is     the     same     as

       Note: the mixing of dates and revisions is deprecated.

       If there is only one date specified, without a revision,  then  a  very
       useful form of the date is to specify a recent period of time, such as

           bk log -c-1d..

       which  will display the last 24 hours worth of changes.  This works the
       same way for Years/Months/days/hours/minutes/seconds, i.e.,

           In the last year:       log -c-1Y.. (or -1y..)
           In the last month:      log -c-1M..
           In the last week:       log -c-1W.. (or -1w..)
           In the last day:        log -c-1D.. (or -1d..)
           In the last hour:       log -c-1h..
           In the last minute:     log -c-1m..
           In the last second:     log -c-1s..

       If you leave off the multiplier, 1 is assumed.

       While you may not build up specific dates as -1Y2m3d, you  can  specify
       fractions, i.e., to get the last 6 months worth, try

           bk log -c-.5Y..

       Dates  can  also be in the form of symbolic tags (ChangeSet file only).
       If you tagged a changeset with Alpha and another changeset  with  Beta,
       you can type:

           bk changes -cAlpha..Beta
           bk log -r@Alpha..@Beta foo.c

       Ranges  need  not  include both endpoints.  If you wanted to see every-
       thing from Beta forward, you could type:

           bk changes -cBeta..

       A single "-r", because it is the first revision seen, rounds  down  and
       means 1.1.  To get the most recent delta, type "-r+".

       -c<range>    Specify deltas by a date range
       --lattice    Restrict  the  deltas  to those on the lattice between the
                    two range endpoints.  Unlike a range, the lower  bound  is
                    included in the output.
       --longest    Restrict  the  deltas to those on the longest line between
                    the two range endpoints.  Unlike a range, the lower  bound
                    is included in the output.
       -q           run  quietly;  default is to warn about all files which do
                    not match the range
       -r<rev>      Specify deltas by revision number
       --standalone Use with -L in a nested component when you want the compo-
                    nent to act like a standalone repository.

       bk annotate
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       bk terms


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