bk check(7.3ce)             BitKeeper User's Manual            bk check(7.3ce)

       bk check - check repository for consistency

       bk -r check [-acdefgpRvw]

       Check  is used to make sure that a repository is in a consistent state.
       A repository contains files, each of which may have multiple  versions.
       Groups  of  versions  are  called  changesets  (csets).   Each  cset is
       recorded in the ChangeSet file.  The ChangeSet file points at  the  set
       of  deltas  in  the  set of files.  There are no back pointers, but the
       files do record the point at which each cset occurs (there can be  mul-
       tiple  deltas  in  a  file  all of which belong to one cset; the marker
       records the cset boundary).

       Since csets propagate between repositories, it is  important  that  the
       ChangeSet  file is correct.  bk check is used to make sure that nothing
       has gone wrong (and if it has, it gives you a rough idea of how to  fix

       Currently, the following are checked:

       =>  for  each  file specified, make sure that deltas marked as recorded
           in the ChangeSet file are recorded in the ChangeSet file.
       =>  for each file specified and for each delta of that  file  which  is
           recorded  in the ChangeSet file, make sure that the delta exists in
           the file.
       =>  for each file specified, make sure that the file has no  unresolved
       =>  make  sure  that  every  delta recorded in ChangeSet file is in the
           repository (only with -a).

       While you can specify a list of files instead of using "bk -r"  to  get
       all of them, this is not recommended.

       -a   Ensures  that  the ChangeSet file and the repository agree on what
            files are in the repository; also ensures that the  ChangeSet  and
            other  files  agree  on  where  they are in the repository history
       -c   Check file and the per delta checksums.  Note that only  the  most
            recent  delta's  checksum is checked, see bk checksum to check all
            of the checksums.
       -d   Provide more details about what is wrong.  Mainly for debugging.
       -e   Check for end of line (eoln) inconsistencies in text files.  Typi-
            cally  used  with  the  "-a" option.  This will check to make sure
            =>  the state of the EOLN_NATIVE flag in each sfile is  consistent
                with  what  is  set  in  the BitKeeper/etc/config file (see bk
            =>  a bk file on a win32 operating system that has the EOLN_NATIVE
                flag set has the expected line termination: \r\n
            =>  a file on a UNIX operating system has the expected line termi-
                nation: \n
            =>  a file that does not have the  EOLN_NATIVE  flag  is  has  the
                expected line termination: \n
       -f   Fix  any  fixable  errors.   This option will renumber incorrectly
            numbered revisions,  put  incorrectly  located  files  where  they
            belong,  reconstruct  corrupted  xflags  metadata, and add missing
            changeset backpointers.  This option  is  on  by  default  if  the
            auto_fix config option is set.
       -ff  Fix  any fixable errors which have destructive fixes.  This option
            will remove any old line-of-development (LOD)  information  except
            the 1.x LOD.
       -g   List each missing file as the file's identifier (root key), but do
            not produce any other output.  Typically used as input to  the  bk
            gone command.
       -gg  List  each missing delta key, but do not produce any other output.
            Typically used as input to the bk gone command.
       -ggg List both missing files and missing  deltas.   Typically  used  as
            input to the bk gone command.
       -p   List deltas which are in more than one changeset.
       -R   Only do checks which make sense in the RESYNC dir.
       -v   Be  more verbose.  Each "-v" adds additional verbosity.  With just
            one, bk check will display a progress bar.   With  two,  bk  check
            will  list  each file which is OK.  More than two is for debugging
            only.  Without the "-v" option, there is no output if the  reposi-
            tory is OK; there is only output if things are broken.
       -w   List files which are writable but not locked.

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