bk undo(7.3ce)              BitKeeper User's Manual             bk undo(7.3ce)

       bk undo - Undo a changeset or set of changesets

       bk undo [-fqSsv] [-a<rev>] [-r<rev>]

       The  bk  undo  command  can  be  used to remove any changeset or set of
       changesets.   There are options to select specific  changesets  or  all
       changesets after some point (which is what "bk clone -r" uses).

       To undo a bk pull use bk unpull.

       With  one exception, the changes removed by an undo cannot be restored.
       Use bk undo with care, if the data was only present in your repository,
       when you undo it, it is gone for good.

       If the "-s" option is not present then bk undo saves a normal BitKeeper
       patch in BitKeeper/tmp/undo.patch.  Only the most recent undo is  saved
       there, i.e., the patch is overwritten each time bk undo is run.  To re-
       store the patch try this:

           bk takepatch -vvvaf BitKeeper/tmp/undo.patch

       There is a a shorthand, bk repatch, which is an  alias  for  the  above
       command.   The  bk  repatch command can take an optional argument which
       specifies an alternate patch to reapply.

       -a<rev>             Remove all changesets which occurred  after  <rev>.
                           If  <rev> is what you want to have be top of trunk,
                           use this option.
       -f                  Force the undo to complete if  it  can.   Normally,
                           undo  will  prompt with a list of deltas which will
                           be removed.
       --force-unpopulate  If the undo results in a component  being  removed,
                           undo  will  first  check  that the component can be
                           found in a gate.  Use this option  to  disable  the
                           gate check and just remove the component.
       -q                  Run quietly; do not list files.
       -r<revs>            Remove  the list of changesets specified by <revs>.
                           <revs> must be of the form r1,r2,r3, etc.  and  can
                           be  either  the  changeset  number or the changeset
       --standalone        Just undo the current component.  In a nested  col-
                           lection, this rolls back just the current component
                           and not the entire nested collection.
       -s                  Do not save undone changes as a patch.
       -v                  When prompting with the list of changes to  be  un-
                           done  be  verbose and list not only the changes but
                           the deltas in each file in each changeset.

       bk makepatch
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       bk stripdel
       bk takepatch
       bk terms
       bk unpull


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