bk admin(7.3ce)             BitKeeper User's Manual            bk admin(7.3ce)

       bk admin - administer BitKeeper files

       bk admin options [<file> ... | -]

       The  bk admin command is used to administer BitKeeper files.  There are
       options for changing per file features, modifying file metadata,  veri-
       fying  file  checksum and metadata, changing the file compression mode,
       and/or recalculating the file checksum.

       -C[<id>]    set or remove the changeset file string in  the  1.0  delta
                   (very rarely used, not recommended).  The string is used to
                   associate the file with a particular  repository  idea  and
                   usually the same as the output of bk id.
       -D          remove  the  delta changeset marks (rarely used--not recom-
       -f<flag>    set a per file flag.  Many of the flags may be set automat-
                   ically  upon  file  creation by adding an entry to the Bit-
                   mation  on  how  to  do so.  The possible values for <flag>

                   BITKEEPER    mark the file as a BitKeeper file (very rarely
                                used, not recommended)
                   EOLN_NATIVE  use  the operating system's native end-of-line
                                termination (i.e., \r\n on Windows and  \n  on
                                all  other  platforms.)  EOLN_NATIVE is set to
                                "on" by default.
                   EOLN_UNIX    use the UNIX  end-of-line  termination  (i.e.,
                                \n) on all platforms.
                   EOLN_WINDOWS use the Windows end-of-line termination (i.e.,
                                \r\n) on all platforms.
                   EXPAND1      expand keywords in first  line  that  contains
                                keywords  only  (printf conflicts) (May be set
                                in BitKeeper/etc/config).
                   NOMERGE      do not attempt to automerge this  file;  treat
                                it  as  if  it  were  a binary file and always
                                force a choice between the  local  and  remote
                                versions of the file.
                   RCS          expand  RCS  keywords,  i.e.,  $keyword$  etc.
                                (May be set in BitKeeper/etc/config).
                   SCCS         expand SCCS keywords, i.e., %K% etc.  (Setting
                                this   in  BitKeeper/etc/config  applies  this
                                behavior to all subsequently created files; it
                                does  not  affect existing files! You must use
                                bk admin to explicitly on existing files.)
       -F<flag>    delete flag <flag>, reverting to default behavior.
       -h          check s.file structure in general, but limited to ATT  SCCS
       -hh         as above, but also check BitKeeper specific (in addition to
                   ATT SCCS) features.
       -hhh        as above, but also check time stamps.
       -i[<file>]  read initial text from <file> (default stdin).
       -q          run quietly.
       -y<comment> make <comment> be  the  checkin  comment  for  the  initial
                   checkin (only valid with -i).
       -z          recalculate file checksum.
       -Z<alg>     compress  stored  s.file  with <alg>.  Compression is on by
                   default because the space savings are substantial and there
                   is little or no performance difference.  The default may be
                   set in BitKeeper/etc/config.  <alg> may be:

                   gzip        like gzip(1)
                   none        no compression

       This command does way too much and is likely to  be  split
       apart.  Do not depend on these options for scripts.

       bk check
       bk checksum
       bk chmod
       bk delta
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       bk config-etc


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