bk xflags(7.3ce)            BitKeeper User's Manual           bk xflags(7.3ce)

       bk xflags - check or fix BitKeeper flags

       bk xflags [-ns] [<file> ...]

       bk  xflags  is  an administrative command used to check and/or fix Bit-
       Keeper flags.  These flags control things such as what sort of keywords
       are expanded.

       This  command  should  not  be typically needed, it exists to fix older
       repositories which did not properly maintain these flags.  If bk  check
       yields output like

           src/utils/Makefile@@1.12 should have EXPAND1 flag
           src/utils/README@@1.3 should have SCCS flag
           src/DOCS: missing required flag[s]: BITKEEPER

       bk xflags needs to be run.

       With  no  options, bk xflags will fix the flags in all of the specified
       files.  To fix all files, run

           bk -A xflags

       -n  Do not change any files, just list any problems found.
       -s  Do not change any files, do not list any status, just exit 0 if  no
           problems were found, exit 1 if problems were found.

       bk admin
       bk check


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