bk new(7.3ce)               BitKeeper User's Manual              bk new(7.3ce)

       bk new - add a file to the repository

       bk new [-bcq] [-M<mode>] [<file> ... | -]

       The  bk  new  command  is used to initially place files under BitKeeper

       A useful way to add new files in the current directory is:

           bk gfiles -x *.[ch] | bk new -

       When you want to add files in the current directory and all subdirecto-
       ries, do the following:

           bk -xr. new    # same as bk gfiles -x | bk new -

       After  the  files  are  checked  in, don't be surprised to see that the
       files are no longer in your directory. The process of checking in files
       removes the files from the directory and places them in the SCCS direc-
       tories.  Once in the SCCS directory, the file can be retrieved with the
       bk  get  or  bk  edit commands.  Most versions of the UNIX make command
       know about SCCS and will automatically check  out  files  as  they  are

       -b        force  binary encoding with no keyword expansion; recommended
                 for all binary files, but will work on  text  files  as  well
                 (with  a  corresponding  increase in the size of the revision
                 history file).
       -c        Use comments saved by a previous run  of  citool,  fix,  col-
                 lapse, etc.  It is an error if there are no saved comments.
       -M<mode>  Set the permissions on the new delta to <mode>.
       -q        be quiet.

       bk delta
       bk edit
       bk get
       bk ignore
       bk gfiles


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