bk sfio(7.3ce)              BitKeeper User's Manual             bk sfio(7.3ce)

       bk sfio - BitKeeper file archiver

       bk sfio [-qm] -i < <archive.sfio>
       bk sfio [-m] -p < <archive.sfio>
       bk sfio [-qmf] -o < <filelist>

       The  bk  sfio command is similar to cpio(1).  It exists because we were
       unable to find a single CPIO format which was portable  across  all  of
       our supported platforms.

       bk  sfio  is  used  to transfer data during bk import and bk clone com-

       There are three ways to run sfio, as listed above.  The  first  creates
       files from an archive, the second lists the contents of an archive, and
       the third creates an archive from the specified list of files.

       -e  Echo mode. After each file is archived or extracted print the  file
           to stdout.  This is separate from the print to stderr controlled by
           "-q".  It is intended to be used by programs that want  to  perform
           actions after each file is unpacked when reading over a slow pipe.
       -i  Extract all files from the archive.
       -m  Transfer  file  modes  (default  not to do so).  If the archive was
           created with "-m" then it must be extracted with "-m".  We will not
           turn  this on by default, transferring the file modes is not always
           the correct answer so we force it to be explicit.
       -o  Create an archive.
       -p  List contents of an archive.
       -q  Quiet mode, when combined with the create or extract, does not list
           files as they are added or extracted.
       -f  Force  mode,  when  combined  with extract, will overwrite existing
           files that exist in the archive.

       "-m" will become the default in a future version of bk sfio.


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