bk portal(7.3ce)            BitKeeper User's Manual           bk portal(7.3ce)

       bk portal - set or show the portal status of a nested collection

       bk portal [-q] .
       bk portal [-q] -r

       The bk portal command either reports whether the nested collection is a
       portal or it changes that nested collection to a portal.

       A portal nested collection is part of BitKeeper's  product  line  func-
       tionality.   There  should  be one, and only one, portal for any nested

       With an argument of ".", this command marks the nested collection as  a
       portal.   With no argument, the command prints the portal status.  With
       -q, the exit status indicates portal status; 0 means it is, 1 means  it
       is not.

       A  component  in  a portal may be the destination of a bk port command;
       non-portals may not be such a destination.  External  repositories  may
       be  attached  to  a portal; non-portal attaches are not allowed.  It is
       suggested that creating and modifying aliases is done in the portal.

       For any given set of clones of a nested collection, only  one  instance
       should  be  a  portal.  If multiple instances are marked as portals the
       following are examples of problems that can, and likely will, occur:

       =>  The same external repository could be attached multiple times.   To
           get  rid  of  the  name  conflict when these collide means that the
           product will need to be run through bk csetprune  which  means  the
           resulting instance will no longer interact with older instances.

       =>  The  same  changesets  can  be ported into the history at different
           points in time, creating what is called the "poly  problem",  where
           the  same component changeset[s] belong to multiple product change-

       Inside of a portal, commands that would remove information  are  disal-
       lowed.   bk  undo, bk collapse, bk unpopulate are examples of such com-
       mands.  It is common that many other clones depend on the portal to  be
       a "safe" container of changes so removing information is not allowed by

       If it happens that a changeset gets pushed to a portal that really must
       be removed, then remove the portal status, undo (or unpull) the change-
       set, and put the portal status back.

       -r  Unmark the current product as a portal.
       -q  Run silently.

       bk attach
       bk gate
       bk port


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