bk cmdlog(7.3ce)            BitKeeper User's Manual           bk cmdlog(7.3ce)

       bk cmdlog - show the log of commands executed in this repository

       bk cmdlog [-S] [-a] [-v] [-c<cutoff>] [pattern]
       bk cmdlog [-r] [-c<cutoff>] [pattern]

       List the history of repository level commands run in repository of cur-
       rent directory.  Repository level commands are bk clone, bk commit,  bk
       export, bk pull, and bk push.

       Commands are listed in least recent to most recent order.

       -a         List history of all commands run in the repository, not just
                  repository level commands.
       -c<cutoff> List commands which happened during the date range specified
                  by <cutoff>.
       -r         List  command  start and stops with relative times.  Implies
       -v         Each line of output is prefixed with userid,  timestamp  and
                  BK  version.   Combined  with  the  -a option, everything is
                  listed, including commands run by BK itself.

                  Additionally, in a nested collection, each output line  will
                  list the component name in brackets, ie. [component]
                  When  used  in a nested collection, only process the log for
                  the current component.
       pattern    Limit the output to lines matching (regexp) pattern.

       bk cmdlog returns exit status 0.

       The two command logs are maintained by BitKeeper in  the  BitKeeper/log
       directory.  repo_log contains all repository level commands ever run in
       that repository.  cmd_log contains recent commands run in that  reposi-

       In  the cmd_log file, commands are logged at the time they start and at
       the time they finish.  By default, cmdlog output is limited to the lat-
       ter.   Using  the -av options, both the start and finish of commands is
       listed (as well as other events such as trigger launches).

       The relative times displayed by the -r option are only printed  if  the
       bk  version  logged those times.  Earlier versions of BitKeeper did not
       log this data so it will not appear in the output.

       When using the -r option, the relative time is in seconds and  relative
       to  the  first  user level command (for example, the start of a bk pull
       would be 0 seconds, all the subordinate logs will be relative to  that.
       The final entry will represent the run time of the pull command).

       bk range


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