bk regex(7.3ce)             BitKeeper User's Manual            bk regex(7.3ce)

       bk regex - demo program to show regular expressions in BitKeeper

       bk regex <regex> <string> [<string ...>]

       Some  commands,  most notably bk grep, can take a regular expression as
       an argument.  This man page describes the BitKeeper version of  regular
       expressions.   This command may be used to match a regex against one or
       more strings to see examples of how  the  regular  expression  matching

       Regular  expressions are used to search text for approximate (or exact)
       matches.  Knowing how regular expressions work can be useful, they  are
       quite  powerful.  Suppose that the words "foo," "bar," and "blech" were
       considered inappropriate in your source  tree;  the  following  command
       would find all files which contain any of those words:

           bk -U grep 'foo|bar|blech'

       BitKeeper  is compatible with the PERL regular expression syntax. For a


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