bk chmod(7.3ce)             BitKeeper User's Manual            bk chmod(7.3ce)

       bk chmod - change the mode of a file and save it

       bk chmod [<ugoa>]+<rwxs> <file> [<file> ...]
       bk chmod [<ugoa>]-<rwxs> <file> [<file> ...]
       bk chmod [<ugoa>]=<rwxs> <file> [<file> ...]
       bk chmod <octal> <file> [<file> ...]

       The chmod command changes the stored file modes (permissions) for files
       in the repository.  File modes are normally whatever modes were present
       on  the  file was when it was checked in to BitKeeper.  When changes to
       the file mode need to be made, the bk chmod command is used  to  record
       the new modes.

       The syntax is one of

       [<ugoa>]+<rwxs>  A  symbolic  way  of adding permissions.  <ugoa> indi-
                        cates the users to which the permissions apply, a com-
                        bination  of  one  or  more  of the following: "u" for
                        user, "g" for group, "o" for other, and "a"  for  all.
                        If  none  are  specified  the  default is "a".  <rwxs>
                        indicates the permission to add, a combination of  one
                        or more of the following: "r" for read, "w" for write,
                        "x" for execute, "s" for setuid or setgid depending on
       [<ugoa>]-<rwxs>  A symbolic way of removing permissions.  As above.
       [<ugoa>]=<rwxs>  A  symbolic way of setting permissions absolutely.  As
       <octal>          A 4 digit octal number  wherein  04000  means  setuid,
                        02000  means setgid, and in the following three digits
                        4 means read permission, 2 means write permission, and
                        1 means execute permission.  The last three digits are
                        for user, group, other permissions respectively.  This
                        form  sets  the mode absolutely, it is not relative to
                        the previously recorded mode.

       Setuid and setgid are not recommended since Windows  does  not  support
       that concept.  Similarly, group/other is also unsupported on Windows.

       Write  permission  is  somewhat  pointless  since BitKeeper will remove
       write permission if the file is checked out unlocked and add write per-
       mission if the file is checked out with a lock.

       bk log


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