bk gfiles(7.3ce)            BitKeeper User's Manual           bk gfiles(7.3ce)

       bk gfiles - generate lists of BitKeeper controlled files

       bk gfiles [-01acCdDgGijlnRsSuUvxy] [-p[<A|C>]] [<dirs>]

       bk  gfiles  is  used to generate lists of revision control files, files
       related to revision control files,  directories  related  (or  not)  to
       revision  control  files,  and/or files not under revision control.  In
       other words, if you need a list of files,  you've  come  to  the  right

       bk  gfiles without any arguments finds all s.files in or below the cur-
       rent working directory.  This is what "bk -r <command>" uses to  gener-
       ate the list of files to feed to <command>.

       If a directory and/or file list is specified, then each of the items in
       the list is processed; directories are processed recursively.

       Most of the options below may be combined to list files  which  are  in
       different  states, for example, -cx would list modified files and extra
       files not yet under BitKeeper control.

       When combining options it is best to also add -v so that what is listed
       is unambiguous.

       -0   Use a null character (instead of a newline) to separate each file-
            name printed.  This is to useful with GNU xargs -0.
       -1   Only examine the current (or named) directory.   Do  not  go  into
       -a   Examine all files, even if listed in BitKeeper/etc/ignore.
       -c   List changed files (locked and modified).  If clock_skew is set in
            the config file then the file time stamps and other attributes are
            used  to speed scanning.  The acceptable clock skew can be config-
       -C   Identical to "-c" except the file time stamps are not trusted.
       -d   List directories under BitKeeper control (SCCS subdir exists).
       -D   List directories with no (or empty) SCCS subdirs.
       -E   Shorthand which means "show everything interesting in verbose for-
            mat".  Currently the same as: "-cdDGijlnRsuvxyp"
       -G   List files only if they are checked out ("gotten").
       -^G  List files only if they are not checked out ("not gotten").
       -i   List files which would normally be listed as extras (see -x below)
            but  are  suppressed  because  they  are  present  in   the   Bit-
            Keeper/etc/ignore  file.   Note  that  this options works on files
            that were ignored, but not on directories that were pruned.  There
            is no way to force bk gfiles to descend into pruned directories.
       -j   List  junk files, i.e., files in SCCS subdirectories which are not
       -l   List locked files (p.file and/or z.file).
       -n   List s.files that are not in the correct location.
       -p   List files with one or more pending deltas.
       -pC  List only the tip delta of files with one or more pending  deltas,
            in the following format: <file>|<tip_rev>.
       -pA  List  all pending deltas of files with one or more pending deltas,
            in the following format: <file>|<rev>.
       -P   Like "-p", but don't trust the d.file.  Use the s.file for verifi-
            cation  and create or delete the d.file to match the status of the
       -R   List sub-repositories, i.e., any repository root within your  tree
            other than your repository root.
       -S   Produce a summary listing only, typically combined with "-E".
       -u   List unlocked files.
       -U   List  user  files only, skipping the ChangeSet file and everything
            below BitKeeper/ other than BitKeeper/triggers/*.
       -v   Prefix the output with information about the state of the  s.file.
            The  information  is  in a 7 character field, followed by a space,
            then followed by the filename.  Each of the columns are  described
            below,  with  the  notation,  then  the  option, then description.
            Script writers may depend on the format below with  the  following
            caveat:  any  addition information will be added in columns 8,9,10
            etc.  The first space found will  be  the  separator  between  the
            annotations and the filename.

            d------ (-d) a directory containing BitKeeper files
            D------ (-D) a  directory  containing  no BitKeeper files (but may
                         have subdirectories with BitKeeper files).
            i------ (-i) a file that is extra but is normally ignored
            j------ (-j) extra file under / dir
            R------ (-R) the file is a sub-repository root (overrides -d)
            s------ (-s) a file that is under BitKeeper control
            x------ (-x) a file that is not under BitKeeper control
            sl----- (-l) a BitKeeper file that is locked
            su----- (-u) a BitKeeper file that is not locked
            slc---- (-c) a BitKeeper file that is  locked  and  modified  (aka
            s--p--- (-p) a BitKeeper file that has one or more pending deltas
            s---G-- (-G) a BitKeeper file that is checked out (aka gotten)
            s----n- (-n) a BitKeeper file that is not in its recorded location
            s-----y (-y) a BitKeeper file that has saved checkin comments
            x-----y (-y) an extra file that has saved checkin comments

            Note: when verbose output is requested as much information as pos-
            sible is generated.  Currently, the information requested  by  the
            -n  option  is  suppressed  unless  that  option  was specifically
            requested because  of  the  performance  implications.   In  other
            words, unless you add -n to the options, that field will always be

       -x   List files which have no revision control files.
       -y   List files which have saved checkin comments, the files listed may
            be either extra files and/or files under BitKeeper control.

       bk  gfiles  will  not  descend  into  directories  pruned  in  the Bit-
       Keeper/etc/ignore file.

       even with -a.

       Revision control files must look like SCCS/s.*, not foo/bar/blech/s.*.

       bk history
       bk ignore
       bk new


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