bk upgrade(7.3ce)           BitKeeper User's Manual          bk upgrade(7.3ce)

       bk upgrade - upgrade to, or check for, new versions of BitKeeper

       bk upgrade [-cdfq] [-a[<arch>]] [<srcurl>]

       The  bk  upgrade command contacts BitKeeper's servers using HTTP to see
       if new versions of BitKeeper are available for download.  If a new ver-
       sion  is  found  for  this  platform,  then the image is downloaded and
       installed, unless instructed otherwise with the options below.

       -a[<arch>]   Requests an installer image for another  architecture  and
                    reports  the  newest available version.  Usually used with
                    "-d" to download a BitKeeper installer for  another  plat-
                    form.   If "-d" is not set then "-c" is implied.  Omit the
                    architecture to request a list of all supported platforms.
       -c           Just check to see if a new version BitKeeper is  available
                    for this platform but do not download and install it.
       -d           Download the installer for a new version of BitKeeper, but
                    do not install it.
       -f           If the bk upgrade command is unable to  determine  if  the
                    currently installed version of BitKeeper has been replaced
                    by a newly released version, then an  warning  message  is
                    printed and the upgrade is aborted.  The "-f" option allow
                    the user to force the new version to be used.
       -q           This causes the upgrade program to suppress  extra  output
                    when running.

       To check for new upgrades:

           bk upgrade -c

       To install a new version of bk:

           bk upgrade

       To upgrade a given installation of bk on this machine:

           /home/user/bitkeeper/bk upgrade

       To download the latest installer regardless of what you have installed:

           bk upgrade -df

       To download the latest installer for Windows:

           bk upgrade -df -ax86-win32

       The  default  URL  that BitKeeper uses to search for new updates can be
       overridden with the "upgrade_url" config option.  This will usually  be
       used  in a corporate environment to prevent users from using a new ver-
       sion of BitKeeper that has  not  been  certified  locally.  Usually  an
       internal  URL  will  be  put  in a config file in the BitKeeper install

       To populate the local copy of the binaries you will need  to  wget  the
       directory  of binaries from bitkeeper.com; the images are encrypted and
       bk upgrade expects that and will not work with un-encrypted images.

       To download the images run

           wget -r http://upgrades.bitkeeper.com/upgrades

       0   if a new version of BitKeeper is found
       1   if no updates are available
       2   if errors occurred downloading new updates

       bk config-etc


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