bk push(7.3ce)              BitKeeper User's Manual             bk push(7.3ce)

       bk push - send local changes to parent repository

       bk push [-aqT] [-E<env>=<var>] [-c<n>] [<parent> ...]

       bk  push  sends changes in the current repository back to its parent[s]
       if and only if the current repository is  a  superset  of  the  parent.
       When  a parent has changes not found in the current repository, bk push
       will fail and you will need to do a bk pull, merge those  changes,  and
       retry  the  push.   The reason is that the parent is typically a shared
       resource and should not be locked for merging.

       If there is no new work in the parent, then all changes  in  the  child
       will be sent to the parent and auto-applied.

       To see what would be pushed run

           bk changes -aL

       You  can  override  the  default  parent by specifying a different one.
       Doing so changes the parent[s] for the duration of this command only.

       You can override the no-merge policy by going to the parent and doing a
       bk pull and specify the child as the bk parent.

       -a            If  the parent is ahead of your repository, turn the push
                     into a pull to merge the new work in your repository.
       -c<n>         Try to get the remote lock <n>  times  before  giving  up
                     (default forever).
       -E<env>=<val> Export environment variable to remote site.
       -q            Run quietly.
       -T            Pass  "-T"  to  bk resolve ("-T" means do not use the GUI
                     tools) during the pull operation (requires "-a" and  that
                     the parent is a superset).

       bk pull
       bk parent
       bk changes
       bk resolve
       bk triggers


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