bk sccslog(7.3ce)           BitKeeper User's Manual          bk sccslog(7.3ce)

       bk sccslog - list deltas sorted by date across all files

       bk sccslog [-bDfnS] [-c<d>] [-d<d>] [-L[<u>]] [-r<r>] [<file> ... | -]

       bk  sccslog is used to get a time sorted listing of changes over all of
       the specified or implied files.  It is similar to bk log, with the dif-
       ference  being  that  bk  log respects file boundaries, i.e., lists all
       changes in a file before going on, but bk sccslog sorts the changes and
       prints each change in time order, ignoring file boundaries.  It is use-
       ful to go to a directory and type:

           bk sccslog -c-1M..

       to see what has happened in all of the files there in the last month.

       By default, bk sccslog runs the output through your pager, which can be
       controlled with $PAGER.

       -b              Show basenames instead of full pathnames.
       -c<dates>       Cut off dates.  See Range Specifications (below) or for
       -D              Factor out duplicate comments and print the results as

                           libdiff.c, gnupatch.c:
                             add --minimal to calls to diff(1).

       -d<dspec>       Format  output  according  to  the  data  specification
                       string.   See  bk  log documentation for information on
                       data specifications.
       --dspecf=<file> Like -d but read the dspec from a file.
       -f              Print the changes in forwards order (oldest to newest).
                       The default is backwards order.
       -L[<url>]       Show  all  deltas unique to this repository relative to
                       the (outgoing) parent or <url> if  one  was  specified.
                       May not be combined with -c, -C, or -r.
       -n              Add  a newline to each printed record (sometimes useful
                       with "-d").
       -r<r>           Specify a revision or a range.
       --standalone    Use with -L in a nested component  when  you  want  the
                       component to act like a standalone repository.

       -r+             prints the most recent delta
       -r1.3..1.6      prints  all  deltas  that are in 1.6's history, but are
                       not in 1.3's history.
       -c1992/07..1992 prints all deltas from July 1 '92 to Dec 31 '92
       -c1992..1992    prints all deltas from Jan 1 '92 to Dec 31 '92

       bk changes
       bk log
       bk range


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