bk revtool(7.3ce)           BitKeeper User's Manual          bk revtool(7.3ce)

       bk revtool - BitKeeper graphical history browser

       bk revtool [-l<local>] [-r<remote>] <file>
       bk revtool [-r<rev>] [-S] [-/<string>/] [+<number>] [<file>]

       bk  revtool  is  one of the primary tools used when doing code reviews,
       tracking down bugs, and when following the progress of a project.

       bk revtool shows checkin comments and the graph history of a project or
       file.   bk  revtool  may  be used to view any revision controlled file,
       including the ChangeSet file. When no filename  is  given,  the  entire
       package  history  is  shown.  In a nested collection, the default is to
       show the product changesets.  If you wish  to  look  at  a  component's
       changesets, go to that directory and run

           $ bk revtool -S
           $ bk revtool --standalone

       bk  revtool  has an upper window which shows the graph of revision his-
       tory and a lower window which can show either the checkin  comments  or
       differences between versions.

       Upon  startup,  the  bottom window displays the recent revision history
       for the file or project. If a line number (+<number>) or search  string
       (-/<string>/)  is  specified on the command line along with a file name
       an annotated listing of the filename will be displayed instead.

       If a search string is given, the first occurrence of the search  string
       on or after the given line number will be highlighted and the text will
       be scrolled so that it is in view; if  no  line  number  is  given  the
       search  begins with the first line. If a line number is given without a
       search string, that line  will  be  highlighted  and  centered  on  the

       To  view  the  comments  for just one revision, left click once on that
       revision in the graph.

       To see the differences between two  revisions,  left  click  the  older
       revision  and  right click on the newer revision.  The differences will
       be displayed in the lower text window.  You can right click on  another
       revision  and  diff  again.   The  default diff format is "-u" (unified
       diffs).  The text shown for the file is annotated with the  user  name,
       the  latest  revision  that modified the line and the revision (if any)
       that deleted or excluded the line in the other version.  This helps  to
       isolate which revision in a range removed a line.

       To  see  the  contents of a file, double click the left mouse button on
       the revision node in the graph.  The text shown for the file  is  anno-
       tated  with  the  user  name  and the latest revision that modified the
       line. The file text is generated with the "bk annotate -Aur" command.

       Once the annotated file listing is shown, you can  then  click  on  the
       text to view the checkin comments associated with the chosen line. Dou-
       ble clicking on an annotated line brings up bk csettool and  shows  all
       of  the  other  files  that  were modified in the same changeset as the
       selected line.

       To get a side-by-side view of the differences, select the two revisions
       and click on the "Diff tool" button.

       When  operating on the ChangeSet file, the behavior is slightly differ-
       ent.  Double-clicking a revision displays the revision history  of  the
       changeset and the history of the changes to each file contained in that

       If you click left/right on a range of changesets, you will get the his-
       tory  of  the  entire  range of changesets.  To see the history and the
       differences in detail, you can click on the "View changeset" button  to
       bring  up the changeset browser tool, bk csettool.  Typical usage is to
       browse the ChangeSet file with bk revtool and drill down using bk cset-

       When  viewing the ChangeSet file, nodes that have a tag associated with
       them will have a colored outline around them.  See  bk  config-gui  for
       more information.

       The  scrollbars  can  be  used to orient the view of either window.  In
       addition, there are the following keyboard bindings:

       LeftArrow          Scroll graph window left 1 line.
       RightArrow         Scroll graph window right 1 line.
       Shift-LeftArrow    Scroll graph window left 1 screen.
       Shift-RightArrow   Scroll graph window right 1 screen.
       Shift-UpArrow      Scroll graph window up 1 line.
       Shift-DownArrow    Scroll graph window down 1 line
       Shift-PageUp       Scroll graph window up 1 screen.
       Shift-PageDown     Scroll graph window down 1 screen.
       Shift-Home         Scroll graph window to the first revision.
       Shift-End          Scroll graph window to the last revision.
       UpArrow            Scroll text window up 1 line (also Control-y).
       DownArrow          Scroll text window down 1 line (also Control-e).
       PageUp             Scroll text window up 1 screen (also Control-b).
       PageDown           Scroll text window down 1 screen (also Control-f).
       Home               Scroll text window to the top.
       End                Scroll text window to the bottom.
       s                  Show the raw SCCS file.
       a                  Show an annotated listing of the selected node.
       C                  Run bk csettool.  If the selected node in the  graph
                          is  for  a  changeset,  that  changeset will be dis-
                          played. If the selected node is a file, the  change-
                          set that introduces the selected version of the file
                          will be displayed. If no node is selected this  will
                          do nothing.
       c                  Show  an  annotated  listing  of all versions of the
                          file.  The data shown is the union of all lines ever
                          added  to  the  file  in  any  version,  deletes are
                          ignored.  Lines which were created at  a  particular
                          spot  in  the  file tend to be grouped together.  If
                          the line is not in the tip revision, this will  also
                          list which revision deleted or exclude the line.
       d                  Show  the  differences between the selected item and
                          its parent. If a graph node is selected, the differ-
                          ence  between  it and its parent are shown. However,
                          if a line  within  the  annotated  file  listing  is
                          selected,  the difference between the selected revi-
                          sion and its parent are shown.
       h                  Show the entire revision history comments.
       t                  Show only csets that  have  a  tag  associated  with
       /                  Search the text window for a string.
       ?                  Reverse search.
       n                  Search for the next occurrence of the string.
       Control-q          Quit bk revtool.

       bk Basics-Overview
       bk config-gui


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