bk merge-binaries(7.3ce)    BitKeeper User's Manual   bk merge-binaries(7.3ce)

       bk merge-binaries - help on merging binary conflicts

       This  section documents the binary merge process started by the resolve
       command.  See bk resolve for details on using resolve.

       While in resolve, you can hit the return key to see a  summary  of  the

       BitKeeper  has  no  built in mechanism to merge binaries, since it does
       not know what is in the binaries.  The built in choices  you  have  are
       outlined  in  the  resolver, and amount to choosing either the local or
       the remote version of the file.

       The built in choices do not include a file viewer since BitKeeper  does
       not  know what to use.  You can call your own file viewer.  Suppose you
       knew that the file was a gif and you wanted to look at each of them  to
       choose which one to use.  You could do a

           logo.gif>> !xv $BK_LOCAL
           logo.gif>> !xv $BK_REMOTE
           logo.gif>> ul

       to view each and then choose the local version.

       You may also call an external tool to merge changes.

           logo.gif>> !<command>

       then  <command>  will be run with the appropriate environment variables
       set.  This technique may be used to use any external merge tool.

       BK_LOCAL  pathname of a temp file containing the local version
       BK_GCA    pathname of a temp file containing the common ancestor
       BK_REMOTE pathname of a temp file containing the remote version
       BK_MERGE  pathname where the merged content should be placed

       Sometimes a file may be marked as binary incorrectly, where incorrectly
       means  that  normal  text based tools would work on this file.  You may
       force the file to be treated as a text file with the "t" command.  This
       drops into the normal text file resolver.

       bk revtool
       bk resolve
       bk resolving


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