bk gate(7.3ce)              BitKeeper User's Manual             bk gate(7.3ce)

       bk gate - set or show the gate status of a nested collection

       bk gate [-q] .
       bk gate [-q] -r

       The  bk  gate command either reports whether the nested collection is a
       gate or it changes that nested collection to be a gate.

       A gate repository is part of BitKeeper's product line functionality.  A
       gate is an instance of a nested collection in which changesets are con-
       sidered "safe", they will not be removed or collapsed.   Similarly  the
       set of components that are populated will not be unpopulated.

       The  gate  concept  exists  to allow bk pull to run in --unsafe mode by
       default when pulling from a gate. This allows developers to  work  with
       sparse  repositories  (where  not  all  components are populated) while
       guaranteeing that work will never be lost.

       With an argument of ".", it marks the  nested  collection  as  a  gate.
       With  no  argument,  the  command prints the gate status.  With -q, the
       exit status indicates gate status; 0 means it is, 1 means it is not.

       Inside of a gate, commands that would  remove  information  are  disal-
       lowed.   bk  undo, bk collapse, bk unpopulate are examples of such com-
       mands.  It is common that many other clones depend on the gate to be  a
       "safe"  container  of changes so removing information is not allowed by

       If it happens that a changeset gets pushed to a gate that  really  must
       be  removed,  then remove the gate status, undo (or unpull) the change-
       set, and put the gate status back.

       -r  Unmark the nested collection as a gate.
       -q  Run silently.

       bk portal
       bk pull


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