Basics-Overview(7.3ce)      BitKeeper User's Manual     Basics-Overview(7.3ce)

       bk Basics-Overview - BitKeeper basics to help get a new user started

       This  section explains how to make changes to files under revision con-
       trol.  If you have not created a package, then see the  bk  help  setup

       Note  that  BitKeeper  supports  both the traditional SCCS commands for
       checking in/out files ("admin -i", delta, get) as well as the RCS  com-
       mands (ci, co).  The delta/get are the preferred interfaces.

       As  an  example,  go  to  the  directory  where  you would like to make

           $ cd ~/mypackage/src

       If you are starting a new package, then create new files with any  edi-
       tor  and  check  them in.  The initial check in for a file that already
       exists will look like this:

           $ bk new coolStuff.c

       If you want to modify an existing file, you can do this:

           $ bk edit coolStuff.c

       Or, if you have multiple files in the directory, you can do the follow-
       ing to place all files into a state where they can be modified:

           $ bk edit

       If  you  want  to  lock  the entire tree, including subdirectories, try

           $ bk -U edit

       Locking the entire directory is useful when applying patches that  will
       access many files in a tree.

       Once  you  are  finished  making changes to files, you can check in the
       files as follows:

           $ bk delta file1 file2 file3

       However, we recommend using the graphical checkin tool which is invoked
       with the following command:

           $ bk citool

       bk citool will help you check in both new, modified, and pending files.

       Each  command  in  BitKeeper has command-specific help.  You can access
       individual help topics by typing:

       There are also a number of other topics that describe various areas  in

       bk citool
       bk delta
       bk edit
       bk get
       bk help
       bk new


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