Repository(sum)             BitKeeper User's Manual            Repository(sum)

  Repository - summary of the Repository category

  The Repository category contains all repository related commands.

  bk abort - abort a failed pull or push
  bk backups - guide to doing backups of BitKeeper repositories
  bk - BitKeeper configuration management system front end
  bk bkd - the BitKeeper daemon
  bk changes - show changeset history
  bk check - check repository for consistency
  bk citool - BitKeeper graphical check-in tool
  bk clone - create a new copy of a package
  bk cmdlog - show the log of commands executed in this repository
  bk collapse - combine recent changesets into a single unit of work
  bk commit - commit deltas to a changeset
  bk conflicts - list unresolved files which contain conflicts
  bk cset - manage changesets
  bk csets - run changes or csettool on last set of incoming changes
  bk csettool - BitKeeper graphical changeset browser
  bk difftool - BitKeeper graphical differences viewer
  bk files - demo program to show file name expansion
  bk fixtool - fix up pending changes
  bk glob - demo program to show glob pattern expansion
  bk history - guide to viewing changes to files and/or repositories
  bk id - display the identity of a package or repository
  bk import - import files or changes into a BitKeeper package
  bk level - set or show the level of the repository
  bk lock - lock a repository or show lockers
  bk makepatch - creates BitKeeper patches
  bk merge - three-way text based file merge
  bk merge-binaries - help on merging binary conflicts
  bk parent - manage repository parent pointer[s]
  bk pending - list deltas which need to be in a changeset
  bk pull - update a repository from its parent[s]
  bk push - send local changes to parent repository
  bk relink - recreate broken hard links
  bk repocheck - check repository for consistency
  bk resolve - merge and/or apply new work after a pull
  bk resolving - help on resolving conflicts
  bk revtool - BitKeeper graphical history browser
  bk rm - remove BitKeeper file[s]
  bk rmgone - remove files having keys in the gone file
  bk service - manage a bkd as a Windows service
  bk setup - create a new BitKeeper package
  bk setuptool - graphical front-end to the BitKeeper setup command
  bk sfio - BitKeeper file archiver
  bk status - show repository status
  bk superset - check to see if the parent is ahead of the current repos- itory
  bk tag - tag the BitKeeper repository with a symbolic name
  bk changes - list tagged changesets
  bk takepatch - apply a BitKeeper patch
  bk templates - predefined templates for comments
  bk triggers - using BitKeeper event triggers
  bk undo - Undo a changeset or set of changesets
  bk unlock - remove BitKeeper repository locks
  bk unpull - remove changesets added by bk pull
  bk untag - delete the symbolic namd in the BitKeeper repository
  bk url - methods of accessing BitKeeper repositories

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