GUI-tools(sum)              BitKeeper User's Manual             GUI-tools(sum)

  GUI-tools - summary of the GUI-tools category

  This  section contains the GUI tools and the guide for how to personal-
  ize your gui tool look and feel.

  bk citool - BitKeeper graphical check-in tool
  bk config-gui - configuration for BitKeeper graphical tools
  bk csettool - BitKeeper graphical changeset browser
  bk difftool - BitKeeper graphical differences viewer
  bk fm3tool - BitKeeper three-way merge tool
  bk fmtool - BitKeeper side-by-side merge tool
  bk helptool - graphical front-end to the BitKeeper help system
  bk renametool - graphical tool for finding renames
  bk revtool - BitKeeper graphical history browser
  bk setuptool - graphical front-end to the BitKeeper setup command

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