Common(sum)                 BitKeeper User's Manual                Common(sum)

  Common - summary of the Common category

  The Common section contains the most commonly used BitKeeper commands.

  bk changes - show changeset history
  bk citool - BitKeeper graphical check-in tool
  bk clean - removes unmodified files
  bk clone - create a new copy of a package
  bk diff - show differences in revision controlled files
  bk difftool - BitKeeper graphical differences viewer
  bk edit - check out a file for editing
  bk get - check out BitKeeper files
  bk help - get help for BitKeeper commands
  bk mv - rename file[s]
  bk new - add a file to the repository
  bk pull - update a repository from its parent[s]
  bk push - send local changes to parent repository
  bk revtool - BitKeeper graphical history browser
  bk rm - remove BitKeeper file[s]
  bk unpull - remove changesets added by bk pull
  bk unrm - resurrect a removed BitKeeper file
  bk version - print BitKeeper version

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