File(sum)                   BitKeeper User's Manual                  File(sum)

  File - summary of the File category

  The  file  category  contains  all  commands related to files.  Viewing
  files, checking out/in files, finding status or history on files, etc.

  bk annotate - provide annotated listings of one or more source files
  bk cat - concatenate and display file contents
  bk chmod - change the mode of a file and save it
  bk clean - removes unmodified files
  bk comments - change checkin comments
  bk cp - create a copy of a file preserving its revision history
  bk delta - check in modified files
  bk diff - show differences in revision controlled files
  bk edit - check out a file for editing
  bk extras - list extra files not under revision control
  bk files - demo program to show file name expansion
  bk filetypes - summary of BitKeeper file types
  bk fixtool - fix up pending changes
  bk fmtool - BitKeeper side-by-side merge tool
  bk get - check out BitKeeper files
  bk gfiles - generate lists of BitKeeper controlled files
  bk glob - demo program to show glob pattern expansion
  bk grep - search some/all revisions of one or more files for a pattern
  bk log - print file revision history and/or metadata
  bk merge - three-way text based file merge
  bk mv - rename file[s]
  bk new - add a file to the repository
  bk prompt - prompt a user with a message
  bk range - demo program to show ranges & dates
  bk receive - receive a BitKeeper patch
  bk remerge - redo the last merge
  bk rmdir - remove a BitKeeper directory
  bk sccslog - list deltas sorted by date across all files
  bk send - send a BitKeeper patch
  bk stripdel - strip deltas out of an s.file
  bk unedit - destroy any unchecked in changes to specified files
  bk unlock - remove BitKeeper repository locks
  bk unrm - resurrect a removed BitKeeper file
  bk unwrap - unwrap patches
  bk what - look for SCCS what strings
  bk wrap - using BitKeeper wrappers
  bk xflags - check or fix BitKeeper flags

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