Admin(sum)                  BitKeeper User's Manual                 Admin(sum)

  Admin - summary of the Admin category

  The  admin category contains commands used for system administration of
  BitKeeper and informational pages for doing configuration.

  bk admin - administer BitKeeper files
  bk bkd - the BitKeeper daemon
  bk checksum - check and/or fix BitKeeper per file checksums
  bk config - show repository configuration information
  bk config-etc - configuring BitKeeper
  bk config-gui - configuration for BitKeeper graphical tools
  bk cset - manage changesets
  bk csetprune - shrink a repository by removing files
  bk flags - show a listing of files and their BitKeeper flags
  bk gone - mark a file (key) as gone
  bk id - display the identity of a package or repository
  bk ignore - ignore shell glob patterns
  bk initscripts - sample script for starting the BitKeeper daemon
  bk newroot - change the identity of a repository
  bk root - print the path name to the root of the repository
  bk sane - check for various BitKeeper requirements
  bk sendbug - file a bug report
  bk service - manage a bkd as a Windows service
  bk support - send a support request
  bk version - print BitKeeper version

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