Utility(sum)                BitKeeper User's Manual               Utility(sum)

  Utility - summary of the Utility category

  The  utility  category is a catch all for smaller commands that are not
  really admin or any other category.

  bk bam - BAM utility routines
  bk base64 - RFC 1341 base64 encoding and decoding
  bk bin - show binary installation directory
  bk bisect - quickly find a changeset that introduced a bug
  bk c2r - convert changeset revision to file revision
  bk describe - generate a tag-based release name
  bk fast-export - export the repository in a format compatible with git
  bk fast-import - import a new repository using git's fast-export format
  bk features - display features used or known
  bk findkey - look for keys in files
  bk gca - show the greatest common ancestor
  bk gethost - display machine name
  bk getuser - display user name
  bk isascii - check that a file is ascii
  bk key2path - convert BitKeeper keys to pathnames
  bk key2rev - convert BitKeeper keys to revisions
  bk latest - run command using the latest version of bk
  bk names - put BitKeeper files where they should be
  bk obscure - obscure BitKeeper file comments and contents
  bk patch - apply a diff file to an original
  bk path - show the path that BK uses for all subprocesses
  bk pwd - print directory name
  bk r2c - convert file revision to ChangeSet revision
  bk regex - demo program to show regular expressions in BitKeeper
  bk renames - list file renames contained in one or more changesets
  bk renumber - regenerate the revision history numbers
  bk repogca - show greatest common ancestor across a set of repositories
  bk repos - command description
  bk repotype - display repository type
  bk rset - list files in a cset or the difference between two csets
  bk set - set operations
  bk smerge - smart text-based 3-way file merge
  bk undos - convert DOS files to UNIX files
  bk uninstall - uninstall BitKeeper
  bk upgrade - upgrade to, or check for, new versions of BitKeeper
  bk zone - print BitKeeper's view of the timezone

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