BitKeeper is the original distributed source management system. Now available as Open Source under the Apache 2.0 License.

BitKeeper is a fast, enterprise-ready, distributed SCM that scales up to very large projects and down to tiny ones.


  • Simple: An easy to use command line interface.
  • Scalable: Nested Repositories are submodules done right! Version control collections of repositories.
  • Flexible: Hybrid mode for binary files that uses a cloud of server for binaries instead of bloating the source repositories.
  • Accurate: Tracking of file operations like creates, deletes, and renames.
  • Safe: All file accesses validate checksums for integrity. All file writes include redundancy for error correction.
  • Dependable: Highly accurate auto-merge that uses the whole history to resolve conflicts. Most other systems use variations of diff3.
  • Discernable: Source annotations instantly available.
  • Fast: High performance and scales to very large repositories.
  • Free: Licensed under the Apache Version 2 license

Clone a project and push changes

$ bk clone bk://
$ cd bkdemo
# edit files using your favorite editor
$ bk -Ux new
$ bk commit -y"Comments"
$ bk push

Create a project and commit

$ bk init new_project
$ cd new_project
# edit files using your favorite editor
$ bk -Ux new
$ bk commit -y"Initial commit"