[Sun Jun 20 01:41:50 PDT 1999]

Revisioning multiple attributes of a file. Contents Pathnames Permissions Symbols

Symbols are weird because they are something which can move around; the other ones have a 1:1 binding. So we’re gonna leave symbols alone for now except that we need to change the way we do resyncs to include metadata deltas in the calculation.

For the other stuff, think about it like this:

a) all changes are deltas.  If they are path/permission changes, they
   are null deltas, but deltas all the same.
b) think of a file as
  		# Pathname (don't remove this comment)
# Permissions (don't remove this comment)
# Contents (don't remove this comment)
 * slib.c - this is all of SCCS....
so if you were to diff that file, you'd get diffs on the contents and
the other stuff as well.
c) define a conflict to be a conflict between items of the same type
   so a path:path, perm:perm, or content:content conflict are "real"
   but a path:content conflict is not "real".  If there are no real
   conflicts, then (a) takepatch should not say there are,
   (b) takepatch should not spit out a r.file unless there are conflicts,
   (b) resolve should just apply it.

This means that when we do a resync, takepatch needs to remember what type of delta has been seen on each side (local & remote). Note that a delta can be a content and pathname change (currently can’t also be a permission change but that could happen later).

I need to make a matrix of all possible cases and test them.

Possible states for each (src & dest) repository:

Test#	path changed	perm changed	contents changed
1	y		n		n
2	y		n		y
3	y		y		n
4	y		y		y
5	n		n		n
6	n		n		y
7	n		y		n
8	n		y		y

Wack resolve to do the right thing in all cases and test ALL cases.

Also wack resolve to show diffs as in the file format above, and wack filemerge to have fields for permissions and file names with the merge ones editable.