RPM requirements for 2.2 stable

RPMs will be available for Linux platforms that support RPMs. These will be generated automatically as part of a crankturn.

  1. The RPM will be able to:

    1. be installed with: rpm -i <bitkeeper-whatever>.rpm

    2. be uninstalled (erased) with: rpm -e <bitkeeper-whatever>

    3. be upgraded with: rpm -U <bitkeeper-whatever>.rpm

  2. The RPM pre-installation will check for dependencies.

    1. glibc - that there and correct revision (or compatible revision).

    2. tcl/tk Note on why this might be removed from the requirements: Bitkeeper will work fine without tcl/tk so this is not a strictly needed dependency. By making tcl/tk a dep, you will get less calls from the less informed, but the more experienced might get annoyed with passing --nodeps to the rpm installer.

  3. Permissions and ownership

    1. file permissions - not writable

    2. directory permissions - not writable by other than installer

    3. file and directory ownership - same as who installed.

  4. It will make links to /usr/bin/..

    1. if it can, it will make links in /usr/bin for bk, get, prs, …​

  5. License display (an option to RPM)

    1. show bk help license

== Possible Requirements, but do not implement unless they get moved to above. a. it will relocatable - user can specify root of installation b. it will work for non-root - users can install in $HOME area