Patch file format

Anything up to the sequence

"\nPatch vers:\t<digits>.<digits>\n\n== filename ==\n"

is ignored.

Patch vers: 1.0


<file root key> <parent key of this delta> D 1.645 00/04/03 11:29:05-07:00 +1 -0 B|ChangeSet|19990319224848 C c This set of fields varies from rev to rev. c We never delete, or change the meaning of any field, though we may if we c also change the patch version number. c The fields are in alphabetical order, sort of. If there are upper and lower c case fields, the upper case are first and then the lower case, like c AaBbCc not like ABCabc. c The meta data ends with a line of 48 "-"'s and is followed by an empty line. c The next line is either another empty line, in which case there are no diffs, c or a non-empty line, in which case there is a single block of diffs. c A block of diffs is a contiguous sequence of lines with no blank lines; if c there were blank lines in the diffs, they have been escaped with a "\". c c After the diffs there is another blank line and then the pattern either c repeats or it ends with a "# Patch checksum=246901c0" line. c K 13264 O -rw-rw-r-- P ChangeSet

> I am some new data.
> This data is funny looking because it is a hash file.

== src/sccslog.c ==
D 1.49 00/04/03 11:29:03-07:00 +2 -1
c Change sccslog to include timezone.
K 24703
O -rw-r--r--
P src/sccslog.c

D151 1 I151 2 printf("%s %s%s %s", d→rev, d→sdate, d→zone ? d→zone : "", d→user);

Patch checksum=246901c0